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  1. Preprint menu Insert (菜单由餐厅老板提供,我们安排上门领取菜单并派送到各个家庭)一万张$790。(个别地区一万张$590)
  2. (印刷邮寄一条龙)$790 是共享邮寄,包括印刷和广告邮寄派发的费用,8.5x11(A4)尺寸,双面彩色光面纸,要求2万张起印刷,可以分批派发。
  3. (印刷邮寄一条龙)$1090 是共享邮寄的另一种尺寸,11x17 普通单面彩色,50磅纸,包括印刷、广告邮寄派发的费用


价格低至:一万张 $790(包括印刷及邮寄费用)

Our most popular product, Shared Mail, is an all-inclusive package geared towards increasing foot traffic for your business. Whether it be menus, flyers, or pamphlets, we've got you covered. Once you're satisfied with our made-to-order custom design and picked out the optimal zones with the help of our professional agents, we'll print and ship out your ads at a local branch. We've made the process easy to save you time and ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck!

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Prices reflect per 10,000 sheets and are estimates which may vary according to your business's location.